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See the light in you. | Share your photos #yogajournal and tag us @yogajournal 🙏📿✨ Link in Bio ⬇️: 15 Best Poses to Beat Insomnia and Sleep Better

  • 28.04.2017 17:56
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Ever heard of the #podcast Radically Loved? Well you NEED to check it out — it's #40 on iTunes top list of #health + #mindfulness, and our very own @livebeyoga ambassador @rosieacosta happens to run it. In episode 65, she interviews @brantdwilliams about what it has been like on the Live Be Yoga Tour so far, and what they're most excited about. You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at the LBY Tour and the oh-so-sweet story of how Brant met his special someone. Plus, get his thoughts on hitting reset, creating deep relationships, and unplugging. Brant Williams Answers… ✅ What is your number one reset when you get overwhelmed? ✅ How do we create meaningful relationships in the digital age? ✅ What has been your most profound finding about yourself? #livebeyoga #radicallyloved #adventure #travel #usa #yoga #meditation #mindfulness #inspired  Listen+ SUBSCRIBE: prana❤️🙏🏼❤️

  • 27.04.2017 20:52
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Week 3 of the @livebeyoga tour | Philadelphia stop! You really are the city of brotherly LOVE ❤️ #livebeyoga #philadelphia #philly #yoga #yogaeverydamnday @camelbak @ford @prana @huggermuggeryoga @djtazrashid @rosieacosta @brantdwilliams

  • 27.04.2017 15:49
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Live in #Philly? Don't miss our #supyoga class today at 4pm at @aqua.vida! We're taking the @livebeyoga tour aquatic. Get ready to dive on in. #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #philadelphia

  • 26.04.2017 21:47
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In Ayurveda, sleep is one of three main pillars of #health (as well as food & sex). And if you know anything about us at YJ, we're all about a GOOD night's sleep — there's nothing worse than operating on less than 6 hours. Thanks to Sol Organics Sheets, (on Facebook @solorganics), we've found new, ultra-soft cotton bedding we can get behind. And it doesn't cost a fortune. This startup from Minneapolis sources environmentally sound Fair Trade Certified organic cotton that has been grown from non-GMO cotton seeds, all over the world. No markup, no disguising thread count. Plus, the sheets get better with every wash. Simply prep for bedtime with our 15 best poses to do before you crash, link in bio, and crawl in for a cozy, insomnia-free sleep. Guaranteed. #bettersleep #insomnia #bestsheets #sleep #yawn #organic #fairtrade #bedroommakeover

  • 26.04.2017 19:54
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Fun fruity acro! 🍓🍍🍉 with @brandijeanneb @outboundyogi and @goingfortheglow in @flexilexi_fitness cute and comfortable bralettes and Flexi Yoga Pants! Get them today from @flexilexi_fitness (Photo by @bolotovcocktail)

  • 25.04.2017 18:54
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What an incredible way to start the tour of a lifetime. Thank you to all the teachers and students that our ambassadors connected with to hear your stories, practice with you, and kick it off right. Namaste, New York City. Next stop, Philly! @livebeyoga 🎶by @djtazrashid #newyorkcity #yjlive #yoga @yogaruparodstryker @ford @rishitea @prana @solgarvitamin @goodnessknows @camelbak @huggermuggeryoga @mindbodyonline @eoproducts

  • 24.04.2017 12:59
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"Self-realization is to realize we are the nectar of intelligence." -Sri Dharma Mittra @dharmayogacenter at #YJLIVE #NYC. 🙏✨✌️️#wisdom #yoga #mantramonday 📷: @tony_f

  • 23.04.2017 20:49
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Then and now: Minhee Cha (@hanumanyogaclothing) strikes Natarajasana #YJLIVE #NYC, three years after @wariananda snapped this moment in #EstesPark. Swipe for the original shot!

  • 23.04.2017 15:17
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"What fuels your mind can only be known when the mind is still. But the last thing your mind wants to do is to get still. Accept the fact that your mind doesn't want to get still, and give your mind an assignment. It gives you capacity to override the low-functioning, primitive parts of the brain and promote a greater proclivity to rest in higher meaning." —Wisdom from @yogaruparodstryker leading into the tantric practice of prana dharana, to help collect prana in your midbrain and the direct it to your heart center for healing and navel center for empowerment. ✨🙏💫 Two more days to practice with the masters at @yogajournalevents in #nyc... 📷: @tony_f

  • 23.04.2017 11:42
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👊 Thank you, @powerflowyoga! These amazing yogis held #plankpose for 50+ minutes at the PFY Plank Challenge at @yogajournalevents in NYC. The winner, Sissy St. John, is on the far left. (53 minutes, this girl.) How did she do it? She told herself over and over that's she's strong. Booyah. The runner up, Tina Wang (@tina.moves) was right at 53 minutes, too. We're keeping that in mind when we ramp up our #plank practice Monday. @yogajournalevents 📷: Kristen Brunello (@kris_lee_bruno) #winning #plank #plankforever #sostrong #beyond #pfyplankchallenge #yogajournallive

New York Hilton Midtown

  • 23.04.2017 03:12
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We admit: not a great photo from a great angle, but dear #yogis and anyone who has attended our #yjlive events, keynotes, or marketplace, you should know this is a killer @yogajournalevents team. Those of you who come practice with us in person have heard that we're shifting our drishti. We will be back next year! And in the meantime, salute, to our #dreamteam that made all the magic happen. Goodnight, and good luck. #namaste🙏

  • 22.04.2017 19:29
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Shop all things #yoga lifestyle with these favorite and indie brands in the marketplace. It's free and open to the public Saturday, April 21, and Saturday, April 22. Swing by and grab a Napa, some tea, latest reads, a yoga wrap and more! @satyajewelry @canopyverde @megafood honoryoga @oneloveonetribe @naturestruth @naturalgourmetinstitute @drinkverday @daughtersofculture