Brapp App 21.04.2017 12:12

Brapp Artist Highlight: Bjorn Majestik . This week’s featured artist on Brapp is New York MC, Bjorn Majestik. His is a name that should be familiar with any fans and followers of the legendary NYC cypher circuits, as he has been a staple part of the scene for a long time now and has been steadily killing it the whole while. Renowned for his masterful frees — and I mean freestyles in the ‘top of the dome’ sense — Bjorn has built something of a cult reputation for being able to fuck up any beat he gets his hands on. And as much as I try to avoid cliched phrases, he really does bring back memories of the golden era. . Watching him rap, you find yourself wondering if maybe you could do it too cos he does it with such ease. But then when you analyse his wordplay and his flow, you realise the complexity involved and that this is an MC who is just a natural talent. It’s nice to see someone smiling so much when they rap too. Mean mugging has its place in hip hop, but seeing someone do their thing and enjoy it at the same time, is pretty infectious. . He’s recently released an album called #bjornagainstoner, which included production from TheFilthyBarKid among others, as well as a string of videos and features. He has been supplying Brapp with verses for ages now, so it seemed only right to make him our featured artist. . Connect with him at 👊🏽👊🏽 #brapp #brapptv #artisthighlight #bjornmajestik #nyc #cyphercircuit @cyphercircuit

New York, New York