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  • 26.04.2017 22:53
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I know I know!💁🏽 It looks so much like My REAL hair and that's why I love it! Besides braids last year, I haven't worn extensions in 10 years! 😱 plus, I needed a break from my own hair. Anywho, I'm rocking these #koilistics #clipins from @kinkistry and I'm feelin it! (not gon lie, I was nervous at 1st but It's easier than I thought! 😩) The texture is type #3b #3c 18/20" hair and blends extremely well with my own. What y'all think?! -- #Use code "bday17" for 20% off this week! - I have a few styles I'll be trying with this hair so stay tuned! 🌸#kinkistry #protectivestyles #naturalhairstyles

  • 23.04.2017 16:42
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This! 🙌🏾Y'all know I stay thrifting! 🙋🏽 It's therapy for me. And I'll let you know how much I got it for in a heartbeat! #NoShameInMyGame #BargainShopper #FashionDoesntHaveToBeExpensive

  • 22.04.2017 18:42
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"She believed she could, so she did" My path won't look like yours and yours won't look like mine, but please don't get caught up on where someone else is and what they have. You don't know what they did to get there! Congratulate them and keep it moving. Focus on your journey and you'll be headed in the right direction. Work hard and the results will surely show! #SaturdayMood #LevelUp #Determined #Blessed

  • 19.04.2017 12:48
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Yesterday's look: I can talk to just about anyone but when I find someone I can actually #vibe with, that's another story! My #mua yesterday was literally my long lost bestfriend! I appreciate your professionalism and down to earthiness! Check her out y'all! She's bad! 💕 #tallahasseemua @bellas_faces Btw: #jumpsuit from @gitionline I Love their pieces!! 💓 #Fashion #YesterdaysLook

Florida A&M University

  • 19.04.2017 02:23
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Swipe to see a few of the #CurlyGirls I met tonight at the #FroDown. You all were so beautiful inside and out! 💓 Thanks for having little ole me! 💓 #EDENU #StyleWithEden

Florida A&M University

  • 19.04.2017 00:41
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I had an amazing time with the lovely ladies from @curlyincollege thank you @edenbodyworks for inviting me! 💓 It's always a pleasure being around beautiful women with their beautiful curls! 💁🏽#StyleWithEden #EDENU #CurlyInCollege

  • 18.04.2017 23:26
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Ready for the #FroDown at #FAMU by @edenbodyworks! You still have time, so meet me there! #StyleWithEden #EDENU @curlyincollege

  • 18.04.2017 16:53
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TODAY‼️ All my #TallahasseeNaturals Don't miss out on the #FroDown powered by @edenbodyworks at #FAMU! There's gonna be live hair demos, giveaways and free food! Meet me there at 6:00 p.m!! 😉 -- #EDENU #StyleWithEden #CurlyInCollege @curlyincollege

  • 17.04.2017 22:41
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"If they ain't supporting they ain't important". No need to give attention to those who aren't in your corner. If you think everyone wants you to win or be happy, you're sadly mistaken. Keep shinin' and let them be blinded by the light. ✨ -- In other news, God is good, Hair is flourishing, Mind at ease. 😌#MondayMood

Florida A&M University

  • 17.04.2017 20:14
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✨TOMORROW! It's a celebration of Natural Hair and all it's glory! 🙌🏾 Meet me at the #FroDown powered by @edenbodyworks held at Florida A&M! Let's chat and take some selfies 😉🤳🏽 -- #EDENU #StyleWithEden #CurlyInCollege

  • 16.04.2017 23:43
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My heart is full.. 💓and I have no complaints, so I'm sending some extra love your way today! 💕#HappySunday

  • 16.04.2017 02:09
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#goodhairday 🐾