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DJ from Jersey πŸ’₯1stPhorm Brand AmbassadorπŸ’₯

  • 27.04.2017 14:26
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This video is fucking wild man!!! @shughesstudios πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ #Repost @nate.evansjr In my 27 years on this Earth I've learned many lessons but something that has stuck out to me lately is that as much as a pioneer you may think you are there is someone or something out there with very similar qualities and ideas. The difference is will your quality be better and will you be able to add more value than the next person or company. - I'll give you a few examples to think about. Look at companies such as @1stphorm @nike @apple , companies whom dominate their industries. These companies have the same things as their competitors such as supplements , sneakers and phones but where they excel at is their ability to bring the highest quality product they can and add the most value to their customers. - I apply these same principles to my life. In my field there are a million trainers & coaches with the same skills and knowledge as myself when it comes to fitness. This industry believe it or not is about helping people the best way you can for them to reach their goals.So how do I separate myself ? - I wake up daily and read a note in my dresser that reads " I will help the most people in the world". As crazy as that may seem to most it's not crazy to me at all. If I can help more people than anyone else my value to those around me would be priceless. That is where I excel. That's not in just fitness but that's in life. Your success is solely based off of value. How much value can you provide? - Well with this video submission for the #1stPhormVideo contest I hope to add value to those who see it. If this video can fire you up to go out and get after it then I've done my job. Moral of the story is that you'll always be in competition with other people whether you like it or not , the key to winning is adding more value than the next person. So did I add more value ? 😏 - I want to give a huge thank you to @mosesjbrown @djshughes @shughesentertainment for making this awesome video for me. This is just the beginning of what we will be bringing soon πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ #iam1stphorm #1stPhormVideo #LEGIONOFBOOM β€’ Apparel / supplements: @1stphorm Gym : @atilisgymofeht Video : @shughesentertainme

  • 27.04.2017 11:10
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Dedication. Dedication sets the successful apart from the unsuccessful. Are you dedicated enough that you're waking up at 5am to do cardio? Are you dedicated to a diet that will fuel your body for ultimate health? Are you dedicated that you're doing paperwork early and not waiting till the last minute? Are you dedicated that you wake up on two hours of sleep and get back to work when you don't want to?? Be dedicated. Be so dedicated that people ask "How do you do it?!" @nene_cramutola behind the πŸ“·πŸ“·

  • 26.04.2017 12:40
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We all fail. Without failure in our lives, we won't appreciate the wins we accumulate. This picture shows the the man has failed but he also never gave up. Just because you failed once at something doesn't mean it's not for you. It does mean you need to work harder and keep learning what you're working on to chalk up the day as a Win. Love the process, enjoy it, and don't quit, it will be worth it in the end.

  • 26.04.2017 01:31
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This year we're not fucking around @djshughes @mosesjbrown of @shughesstudios are AMAZING!!! Wait for the full video soon πŸ˜‰ #Repost All shot on the drone!!! Cool video shot at Atilis Gym. Wait for the full video @mosesjbrown puts out. @nate.evansjr video is insane!! @djanthonyl @atilisgym @big_ty_russ @drew_lish #workout #gym #fitness #gainz #lift #workhard #weightloss #muscle #reps #dowork #hustle #hustlehard #work #weights #pump #iron #themecca #mecca #1stphorm #fitfam #fit #lifting #bro

  • 25.04.2017 00:16
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Only video I took today. Took that 2 1/2 hour drive trip to @atilisgymofeht. Always worth that drive, we had an awesome day @big_ty_russ @nate.evansjr @mosesjbrown @djshughes @shughesentertainment @shughesstudios Video coming soon 😈😈

  • 23.04.2017 02:10
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Nice night off at my cousins wedding with @brittlynn418

  • 22.04.2017 04:06
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#MidnightMotivation This right here is fucking what it's all about folks, and he's not be continued. Repost from @andyfrisella - It takes time. . Be patient. . Win each day. . They add up. . Pic on left was roughly 1 year ago at 330lbs . Pic on right: A few weeks ago at 277lbs. . Most of this progress was made in an 8 month span....and for those that ask Im 6'1. . Slide to left for pic from today at 270lbs. . I haven't been posting a lot on my fitness...but that doesn't mean I havent been Id figure Id update you all. . Am I where I want or need to be? No. . Is this a fun post to make for me? No. . I should be a lot better than I am...I have a LONG WAY to go...but Im hell of a lot better off than I was a year ago. . I was down to sub 260 around the first of the year and after a year straight of dieting...was getting real stale. . I decided to switch up my food & training and and put back on 20lbs and was back up to 280lbs. . Now Im back at 270 on the dot and my goal is to be that weight I am what I would consider very lean (for me sub 10% body-fat). I feel the best in that thats my goal. . Just wanted to remind you guys that this is not an instant thing. . It takes time. . It takes consistent effort. . It takes consistent focus. . It takes the right tools. . It takes a thousand little mental victories. . Do the work. . Do it consistently. . Dont waiver. . Stay focused. . ....and most of all BE cant bake a cake twice as fast by turning the temperature up twice as high. . For you new people...remember can take your body roughly 8 weeks to adjust to a new need to anticipate this lag time...and understand that after that point your results will accelerate tremendously! Most people quit before this point. . Don't. . Im not a professional athlete. I have extremely limited time to train & eat. I am as busy as anyone on earth. If I can do this can you. . If you are looking make a change go to the link in my bio and lets do this shit together! . PS: @therock Im still coming for you....then we are gonna get a lift in :)

  • 21.04.2017 23:18
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Beautiful night for @essencehookahlounge

  • 21.04.2017 15:05
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The face you make when your @1stphorm order gets delivered a day early πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • 21.04.2017 11:40
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Pretty happy how my shoulders are developing. A lot of supersets with them really has been helping πŸ‘ Happy #FlexFriday everybody πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š

  • 20.04.2017 12:03
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Back dayyyyyyy #MorningCoffee Pretty sure this @faithiniron baseball tee makes me look bigger πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š

  • 20.04.2017 00:41
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Our home for the next month or two @brittlynn418 and I are redoing the deck, new windows and siding. Who else is about to dive into some spring projects?? I know @will2win50 definitely lives at Lowes or Home Depot lol

  • 19.04.2017 10:12
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We all have struggles in life, some worse then others. Don't look at someone and think you know everything that's going on in their life. There will be struggles through out our journey through life which will make us stronger in the end. Few people know but last year my dad was posted up in a hospital day and I didn't see him wake up for 2 weeks. Never missed a day visiting him but never steered off track with the gym, diet etc. He's doing amazing now which I am extremely happy about. Push through the bad times, you pushed through every other bad period in your life before the one you're in now. Don't make a bad day or week think you have a bad life. If you woke up today, you have the choice to make today fucking amazing. Push through, head down, WORK. Happy HumpDay!!

  • 19.04.2017 02:12
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Ok, who's going?!?! #SummerSmash2017

  • 18.04.2017 19:00
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Who has the credit cards ready!!?!?? Couple of hours πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ #SummerSmash2017

  • 18.04.2017 16:17
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Happy birthday to this beautiful girl. @brittlynn418 I'm extremely happy our paths crossed in life and you'll be by my side forever. You're an amazing human being and I wouldn't want anybody else next to me going through this journey called life. You're an extremely hard working individual and I'm very happy we both understand "Work hard now to benefit years from now". I love you peach and here's to many more birthdays celebrating together.

  • 18.04.2017 11:10
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Finally tried out @derekweida's arm workout and holy shit lol Definitely going to continue to work this in every week πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • 17.04.2017 22:08
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πŸš”Taking this criminal to jail πŸš” *I don't know why she is in the back*